Technical area

Procables Procables has a solid group of professionals responsible for the design, development and quality control of all products.

Product Engineering

We develop standard cables to national and international standards, as well as designing and producing special cables to the most strict quality regulations for specific requirements. To achieve this we have a large technical engineering team, which thanks to its experience and knowledge can interpret and produce the correct solution to our client’s requirements.

Quality Control

This area is responsible for the control of all products made by Procables at each stage: raw material, production, finished product.

To achieve this we have an experienced group of inspectors and supervisors whose main function is to verify that the manufactured products comply with the client’s requirements and specifications, using the infrastructure required and the equipment in our quality control laboratories plus the extensive experience of our professional staff.

Quality control laboratory

The same as our manufacturing plant, our two (2) quality control laboratories, one in Bogota and one in Barranquilla, play an important role in our processes as this is where our specialist engineers and technicians verify that all client requirements are fully complied with by carrying out exhaustive and detailed tests on our products.

Here routine tests are carried out as well as testing in accordance with that specified in national and international standards. For this we have a whole range of instruments governed by strict methodological control, calibrated by entities accredited by the department of Industry and Commerce, which allows us to perform all manner of dimensional, mechanical, physical and electrical tests with the degree of exactitude required by the quality standards that certify our products.

Certification by product list.


Boletín Trimestral

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