Who we are

Procables, was founded in Bogota, Colombia in 1972 for the production and marketing of copper and aluminum alloy electrical cables and wires, obtaining a leadership role in making not only bare conductors (copper, AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACAR) but also of insulated conductors with polyethylene thermoplastic, thermosetting (crosslinked) and PVC, for low voltage.

From its inception, Procables has been an ever present in the Colombian electricity sector and during recent decades throughout the American continent. It has participated in major projects of rural electrification, urban grids and commercial distribution. Procables is part of an industrial group with a history of over fifty years in the country, to which the companies Corpacero and Inducol also belong.

Vertical integration

Procables has its own aluminum and copper wire rods production plant in the city of Barranquilla and is the only manufacturer of electrical conductors to have this vertical integration within the same country. This plant is located in an industrial complex belonging to the industrial group.

This integration provides a continuous supply of copper and aluminum wire rods to manufacture our products and make Procables unique in the country, whose production structure and coverage allow it to successfully meet the demand in Colombia as well as in major North, Central and South American markets.



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Corporate Info

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