Participate in post-consumption campaigns organized by the government and environmental authorities

Join post-consumer campaigns for waste management of products once products have outlived their usefulness, have expired or are no longer used, as in the case of pharmaceuticals, batteries, and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) which includes computers, peripherals, radios, etc…

¿What are post-consumer policies?

Post-consumer policy is defined as "the expansion of the responsibilities of producers to include the post-consumer stage in the life cycle of their products" which means that producers take responsibility throughout the life of their products and especially into their disuse or retirement, including removal, recovery and / or disposal activities.

¿How can we help?

Post-consumer policies have been gaining strength through awareness campaigns, waste collection and cooperation between government, producers and environmental authorities. Here are some of the campaigns you can take part in:

1. In the case of medical residues there are places known as blue points which are located in major drugstores and shopping centers throughout the country where you can deposit:

  • Empty medicine containers, such as: blisters, plastic or glass bottles, tubes, etc.
  • Drugs that have been partially consumed.
  • Drugs that are out of date or spoiled.

If you want to know the exact location of the blue points visit the ANDI website:

2. The WEEE can be disposed of on the last weekend of each month through the ECOLECTA campaign which receives computers and peripherals (keyboards, mouse, speakers and printers), cell phones and televisions that are damaged or no longer used. To find the authorized collection points visit

3. In the case of the non-rechargeable batteries (carbon zinc) and rechargeable batteries (alkaline), they can be delivered to the collection point located in the District Department of the Environment: Av. Caracas No. 54 - 38, Bogotá, D.C.



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